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"A River Runs Through It" 200
Organizer's Report
by Bob Boonstra

A stalwart and conditioned group of 14 people arrived on time and in good spirits to ride the brevet in what promised to deliver cold wet and windy conditions. The weatherman didn't disappoint in this regard as the day turned even colder for the later participants with the passage of the promised cold front and its attendant winds. We enjoyed a nice tailwind though, down the North Thompson valley and eastwards towards Chase. The return from Chase towards Kamloops was of some concern to all as we battled back towards town.

A thank you from the organizer to all of you for your efforts in completing the brevet, for all 14 riders did complete in one of the higher turnouts we have seen in the interior in early spring. Cheryl Lynch and Nigel Press were welcome additions from the Coast. Cheryl was one of several who have indicated how much they have enjoyed this particular course drawn up by Bob Goodison. A minor skirmish between Rob Hall and Randy Benz's bicycles caused a bit of a scrape along a curbside which fortunately did not turn out too seriously.

The route is relatively flat and stays at an elevation between 350 and 400 meters throughout its length. This proved to be to our advantage as any travels by bicycle much above 1000 meters may well have ended up with snowy roads.

The ferry operator quickly whisked all of the riders across the North Thompson, while Barbara Boonstra provided an offer of hot chocolate to those riders she could catch up with at this first control.

The tandem team of Nigel and Cheryl made the course circuit in just over 7 hours, just behind the speedsters – Chris and Shawn Wenger, while the Bob Goodison grouping that included Rob Hall, Randy Benz, and Ryan Kurz worked together to make their way home about an hour later.
Similarly, the grouping of Richard Blair, Bud and Sandy McRae and myself sought refuge from the wind in each other's company on the final leg while Christine Kraayvanger and Trevor Taylor did the same.

All riders finished a challenging brevet in good spirits.

Thank you for your participation and congratulations on your achievement.


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April 21, 2013