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Stephen Hinde at BC Parliment
Photo: Lorraine

Somewhat Familiar 200 Pre-ride Report
(Organizer's Pre-ride on March 31)
by Lorraine Nygaard

Ride date: Saturday April 6th, 2013 ---> Route Details

Go to: Pre-ride Photos

7 enthusiastic volunteers gathered for the pre-ride on Sunday, March 31st. Dave Macmurchie and Stephen and Carol Hinde came to Victoria to help work the route and made Easter dinner special for my family. Ted Weick attempted his first 200, and both Dave, Stephen and Carol were attempting comebacks after being away from brevets. Craig Lylack had places to be later in the day so rode ahead, and Mark Ford also ended up finishing on his own. The weather was stupendous and the route is gorgeous, with plum and cherry blossoms, buds on trees, and breath-taking spring gardens, so though we had 3 DNF's, everyone was happy with their time spent out in nature. All of this can be yours to enjoy. This year’s Somewhat Familiar includes:

- Friendly faces at controls! Nutritious and delicious snacks! Water!
- Promises of good weather with forecasted 11°!
- Everyone’s favourite: Two secret controls!
- Hardest hills in the last 50 km!
- Special event price of just $15!
- Everyone welcome!

The fine print:
- Cars should be parked in the grounds of Cottage Pirouette B & B, and not on the street. Please comply.
- Please arrive early enough to get signed in and hear the important safety talk at 6:50. Those who bring forms that are filled out prior to arrival are blessed with easier hills than those who show up late with no forms.
See you Saturday April 6th for fun and merriment!


April 3, 2013