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by EF & AP

Alex Pope has set up a Strava group for BC Randonneurs. It's described as a place to "Track your progress and challenge your friends." Here is how Alex describes it:

"It is basically a Social Media site where cyclists (and runners) can share their activities online by uploading from their GPS or smart phone, compare rides or ride segments, comment, compete, etc. Strava offers two levels of membership, one of which is free so you can sign up, explore, and use the site without making a financial commitment.

I set up BC Randonneurs as a group on this site a few years ago, when not very many people were using it yet. Now that a lot more people are using the site, it has become more interesting and I am thinking it would be worthwhile having a link to our Strava group (which now has 22 members participating) on the Club’s website."

There will be a link to our Strava page from the randonneur links page, elsewhere on this site.


March 19, 2013