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O & H - Starting in the Middle
Permanent #70
by Guido Van Duyn

I liked the job Guido did in modifying his route #70 control card. I thought it provided an opportunity to remind riders of the option of starting any permanent in the middle, and how to make this work on your control card. Thanks Guido. EF

Hi Eric,

Yesterday I enjoyed riding Harold Bridge’s O&H 200 with an elapsed time of 10:43. It was very nice riding some of the familiar roads east through the Fraser Valley. Some roads that were new to me included Camp River Road and Hope River Road which starts under the Agassiz/Rosedale Bridge and travels west along the Fraser River to Chilliwack. I have included a photo of my route card which shows how I modified my start so that I could begin the ride closer to my home, I though it would be difficult but it was not, thanks to your excellent instructions. All in all another enjoyable ride, no rain though I did get chased by dogs, but that’s another story.....



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February 19, 2013