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Permanent #37 Coincidence
by Graham Fishlock

Graham was out riding his second February permanent when he met up some mutual friends. Ray Parker is a past Vancouver Island brevet coordinator. Ray provided the photo of Graham and Amanda above. EF

I was out on the road again yesterday completing Permanent #37, Pacific Shoreline, 201 km (Feb. 10th). Time: 8:47

An interesting highlight of the ride happened while cruising along the road between Courtenay and Campbell River. A car pulled up beside me while I heard the passenger window roll down. It was Ray and Amanda heading home after an overnight retreat at a local resort. We met up further down the road and had a nice long talk.

The other highlight was witnessing about 5-600 Trumpeter Swans in a roadside field near Courtenay.

I had drizzle most of the day but I am not complaining for this time of the year! Consider the alternatives back east!


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February 15, 2013