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Permanent #41
by Graham Fishlock

I realized that Graham's reporting in message was person, but thought that it was such a beautiful idea that I asked if we could share it. Graham needed to give it a little consideration but then agreed. EF

I imagine others were also out this weekend riding permanents. The weather here was pretty good. Actually, for February the weather was very good with a little frost in the morning but generally dry roads and comfortable temperatures.

I rode the route as a tribute to a good friend from Toronto who just died of a massive stroke. I rode across Canada with him in 2006. I spent the whole permanent, as I rode, imagining each day in sequence and where we camped each night. I rode the same bike as in 2006 along with the same bag and even shoes that I wore on the trip. And heavens, did the day ever swiftly fly. It was a great way to reminisce despite the circumstance. He was a great guy and a cycling mentor to me. Certainly a lesson here to enjoy each day as it comes.

And did you notice it was daylight to almost 5:30? It is a great feeling to see the daylight getting longer----it certainly facilitates permanents.


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February 4, 2013