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December Tsunami:
Permanent Brevet #14 - 307 km
by Eric Guillemot

Below is a message from Eric Guillemot to permanents co-cordinator Bob Koen whose comment was "Good for you! Not many people do a 300 km permanent, very few do one in the winter, and no one (to my knowledge) has ever done one as their first ever 300 km ride. Its quite a feat.This is pretty inspiring. Perhaps [Mr. Editor] a mention on the website is in order." Good idea Bob. EF

I completed last Sunday the permanent Route 14 Tsunami.

I did a first try on December 23rd but realized when I arrived back in Sooke after 228km, some rain, wet snow and 3 flat tires that I was not going to finish on time so I decided to give it another try last Sunday. After all this is an advantage of riding a permanent.

At least on the second try there was no rain or wet snow and even some sun around the new Sombrio river bridge.

I avoided spending too much time at each control to make sure I was going to complete the ride on time. No delicious coffee watching the surfers at Jordan river and only a 20min lunch at the Port Renfrew hotel which was amazingly very busy that day.

It was an enriching learning experience for me since it was my first 300km. Riding with a narrow beam headlight at night on an isolated road is a very surreal experience.

On the other hand riding on narrow, bumpy,hilly Humphback road at night is very challenging, lots of tension and adrenaline.

I am looking forward to doing it again next summer.

I attached my completed control card.


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January 4, 2013