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Brynne Croy - final preparations at the Nanaimo start
Photo: Kristy Lee Mighton

Last Fall Push 200
by Kristy Leee Mighton

Well to start... there were so many more participants than I had anticipated (4 on the website & 11 showed up). Got caught with my pants down. But, I recovered!!! It was a great day. I thoroughly enjoyed following the riders all day and seeing them (pretty much) from beginning to end. The weather was beautiful, the scenery was grand and everyone finished the ride. I was very impressed with everyone's performance, especially our newcomer's. They really put on a show. I was very envious of all riders having the opportunity to ride on such a wonderful day, and myself having to do the ride via car. Mind you I had a great assistance, but she would not sign the control card, go figure?? Happy pedaling all and I am looking forward to the 2013 Rando season!!


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October 8, 2012