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Sunday's Ha-ha's and Hallelujahs; Tomorrow's Hopefuls
Chili 200 - Victoria - March 4, 2012
by Lorraine Nygaard

Ha- Ha's
(another name for lessons learned)

1. Terrific shoes are only terrific if the pedals work with them. (E.T.C.1 hour)
2. A waterproof bag will not protect the contents if one places a faulty water bottle in the bag (E.T.C.15 minutes)
3. When one is looking in darkened store windows, one will miss the sign for Wallace Drive. (E.T.C. 10 minutes)


1. Learning to balance with no hands, long enough to put on a glove. (yes, this is huge for me)
2. Having organizers like Mike and Brynne, that make everyone feel like a friend.
3. Having checkpoint hosts like Steve and Melissa and Dave; because is brightens the ride.
4. Various chapters of the Frogs Chorus are practising along W. Saanich Road on Sunday evenings.
5. The Edelux light is worth every penny, and W. Saanich road is a joy in the quiet dark.
6. Riders on the opposite side of the Pat Bay Highway are really friendly. Everyone waved. (Ha ha's could include a note that I finally realized that those folks were the fast riders on their return)
7. Witnessing the dedication that occurs between two riders that have chosen to do the route together. To the finish.
8. Having a family member that works at a swanky establishment along the route provided a clean washroom, a great espresso, and loving encouragement. The pouring rain was then just a joke.
9. 2 lights in the night were not Mike Croy coming out to find me. They were Deirdre on her way to the ferry terminal. She beams as brightly as her lights, and I'm so happy that we finally met.


1. That through drills, I can pick up the cadence level. Enough leisurely sight-seeing.
2. That I can ride the first 195 kilometres with as much enthusiasm as the last 5.

Thanks again to the organizers and "staff". See you on the road!

(E.T.C. = Estimated Time Consumed)


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March 5, 2012