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New Permanent - Edgemont Views
Permanent # 95 Report
Tracy Barill

Barry Chase and I completed the inaugural ride of Permanent #95 – Edgemont Views 200k – in 11 hours and 30 minutes. We started in the dark – Barry from his home linking with the route a couple blocks from his home meeting me near Edgemont Village before continuing on route up into the hills of the north shore…in the rain. By riding side-by-side we found that we had enough light to see well. Over the course of the day we climbed a little over 1850 m which at times was more than welcome to bring some needed heat back to our bodies. For the most part, our clothing performed admirably. At one point we mused over how shoe covers – booties – don’t seem to ever get the job done. Is there a shoe cover out there that is light – easy to put on – that you don’t fight with the zipper – provides wind resistance and is water proof? If so…rain rides might be that much better. Highlights of the day included over 80k of riding without a traffic light, spectacular vistas over Vancouver from the heights of West Vancouver and the Sea to Sky highway, the quiet bike route away from traffic through Vancouver (including Adanac, Ontario and Cypress bikeways), the warm guilt-free meal at A&W in Queensborough and the comfortable take-it-all in pace that we enjoyed most of the day. The ride finished in the dark and in the rain with ample wind to complete the experience.

I marvel at the comfort that warm water and dry clothes provide after such a ride. I also marvel at the motivation that other cyclists (6 compatriots on a similar rainy ride on Sunday) and a little made-up award (BC-12) provides. It was a another worthwhile, full-featured experience on a bike.


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February 3, 2012