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2011 Eau de Hell Series Recognition Award
by Martin Williams, Series Organizer

No rhyme or reason, just my random memories from an enjoyable week:

True Grit: Kristy Mighton

Riding 1st brevet on a MTB, on that course! Runners-up; Charlie Gordon, Patrick Hummer & Aaron Mankowske 1st time 200 brevet riders & volunteering for future events!

True Grit: Ben Coli & Shiro Ogawa

First time 300 brevet swimmers riders.

True Grit: Ken Knutson & Dave Gillanders

Despite the pain & setbacks of the 300 they turned up smiling & both put in very credible performances
Series Favourite volunteer: Dave Macmurchie
Picture a bus shelter, complete with electrical supply at this “most” secret control, running throughout the night!

True Grit: All riders; see results list

A challenging last 220k on a hastily put together course, at the end of a wet, wet & cold week.
Most Bonus Mile: Ian Fillinger
Not content with a challenging course he “elected” to add on 66 bonus miles!
Personal Best: Ken Bonner
Most sleep hours at a control, I think!
True Spirit: Ali Holt & Gary Baker
Ali did not hesitate, abandoning her dinner, to ferry a spare wheel to a control point when needed. Unable to ride the event, Gary volunteered to drive 180 kms to man the turn-around control & then provided a recovery service for 2 DNF’s.

EdeH SERIES 1,500
True Grit: Ken Bonner, Henk Bouhuyzen, Eric Fergusson, Ian Fillinger, Ryan Goldbeck, Phil Lennox, Jeff Mudrakoff, Keith Patterson, Jim Runkell, Guido Van Duyn

Successfully completing the 2011 series.
Series Performance: Ian Fillinger
Led the riders’ home on all brevets. Three course records; 200, 300, & 400.
Series Dedication: Graham Fishlock
Road all three brevets (one Pre-ride), 300 ride organizer & made the time to volunteer at the registration for the 200, 400, 600 plus a control on the 400!
Magnanimous in Defeat: All DNF’S
No complaints just regrets. No-one “gave-up”.
Making it Happen: Patrick Wright, Jenny Watson, Graham Fishlock, Ben Coli, Lee Ringham, Cathy Ringham, Rob Welsh, Ali Holt, Dave Macmurchie, Gary Baker, Vic Banerjee, Dewain Emrich & Sharon Williams.
Without these folks there would have been no series … it’s as simple as that!

Just hope that I helped deliver the Eau & Hell in the right proportions!
Martin W
Series Organizer.


Ride dates: April 9-15
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April 16, 2011