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Victoria New Years Day Populaire
by Jim Runkel

A spectacular New Years Day sums up the amazing weather to grace our ride. It always takes "someone" to step up and make things like this happen, and today it was Mike, Brynne and their son Steve, that took the initiative and organized this ride...and for that a BIG thank you goes to them. It was one of those unexpectedly beautiful days and the route chosen for this first day of January, 2011, took us past and through some of Victoria's most scenic vistas and neighbourhoods. A great turnout of new and "used" Randonneurs gathered at Christies Pub. It was certainly cold, with starting temperatures below freezing, but winds were light and the bright blue sky and brilliant sunshine helped keep the mood light and fun. We headed down along the water, through the Uplands, with the snowy white peak of Mount Baker always just in our close you could almost touch it. Up the Saanich Peninsula via Lochside Drive we pedaled to Mt Newton Cross Road and our turnaround control. After a quick stop and short chat with some new faces, doing their first Rando event (we encouraged them to come out for more!!!) Philip and I headed back down into town. It was now a balmy 3C so my cheeks warmed up and my toes felt less like popsicles...Mike and Brynne met us back inside Christies Pub and we wished them a Happy New Year. Philip and I then headed to Willows Beach for a one hour out door workout with our workout group (which includes our lovely wives) and to end a great day, took a quick "swim" in the ocean. A great way to start 2011, and looking forward to many more long rides ahead...Happy New Year to all!

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January 2, 2011