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Historical Footnote... the other BC 2000 km

The longer-than-1200km-brevet is not without precedent in British Columbia. With the approach of the numerical shift in the year 2000, a few randonneur groups around the world proposed 2000 km brevets to celebrate the occasion. Here in Canada, Réal Préfontaine imagined the "Y2K 2K".

Seven riders attempted the ride in late June - only ride organizer Réal was unable to finish. On the finisher's list was Michel Richard who famously rode the last 450 km with three broken ribs and broken right arm. In early August two additional riders finished the course. The route was from Réal's home in Abbotsford to Valemont and Prince George return. The results, and Réal's newsletter account of the June event, are linked below.

Although there were definitely other 2000 km brevets offered and completed in the year 2000, I can not now find evidence of these events. I recall that there were very few participants. There appear to be no Randonneur Mondiaux records of past finishers of RM brevets, so information about these rides seems to be lost.

[Eric Fergusson, June 2009]

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