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Fall Flatlander Report
by Harold Bridge

    The first day of Fall treated the BCRCC's 2007 wrap up event very well. It was a glorious day to be riding the "Fall Flatlander" 200 km Randonnée. Although the Fort Langley 07:00 start was a trifle chilly, getting out of the Fort involves a substantial climb, generating some internal warmth. After that the new route searches out as many quiet, and flat, roads through the Fraser Valley as possible. In fact the most severe climb is a descent!

    There was the usual hassle with entrants who don't want to put lights on their bikes.
The rules are unambiguous on the subject: "No lights means no ride."

    Of 50 entrants 48 completed the 204 km route within the generous time limits that go from 5hrs 53 min to 13hrs 30 mins. First back, Craig Premack, took 6:41, closely followed by Victoria's Senior Citizen (almost), Ken Bonner in 6:49. It is believed they both lost some time due to an "E" on the route sheet that should have been a "W" (sorry!).

    The organiser's 5 helpers had pre-ridden the route the previous week & found a new road. It confirmed the benefits of the Club's decision to allow pre-rides to check the route. At the same time, the helpers don't have to miss a ride. We just missed the beautiful day & had some rain instead!

    At the finish the organiser stoically sat awaiting the finishers from 13:41 until the last Senior Citizen on an MTB finished at 18:48 for a time of 11:48. Everyone was in a good mood enjoying the social occasion that happens when events finish at a pub!


September 24, 2007