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BC Randoneurs in C-KAP
Riders who contributed to BCR winning C-KAP's Hewes Challenge - club with the most distance
by Eric Fergusson

This is a follow-up to the earlier page about the C-KAP Hewes award. We now have the official list of club riders whose distance totals added up to another Hewes Challenge win for BC Randonneurs. Well done all ! Here are your conquering heroes:





50,934  Ken Bonner           Victoria
32,117  Henry Berkenbos      Richmond
15,030  Jim Fidler           Victoria
13,201  David Gillanders     Vancouver
12,345  Craig Premack        Burnaby
12,243  Graham Fishlock      Ladysmith
10,495  Larry Voth           Langley
10,118  Raymond Parker       Victoria
 8,919  Manfred Kuchenmuller Richmond
 8,111  Jack Sharkey         Burnaby
 8,109  Harold Bridge        Port Coquitlam
 7,668  Tracy Paul Barill    North Vancouver
 7,548  Wim Kok              Fort St. John
 7,377  Michel Richard       Vancouver
 7,018  Karen Smith          Vancouver
 7,003  Gary Baker           Vancouver
 6,432  Michael Poplawski    Victoria
 5,447  Al Gair              North Vancouver
 5,269  Michael Rasmussen    Portland, Oregon
 3,634  Stella Meades        Parkville
 2,873  Ivan Andrews         White Rock

21 members, 241,891 km

Special mention to Steve L. who apparently:
"Joined to late to enter in 2006":
 6,944  Steve Lonergan       Victoria

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March 31, 2007