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Deflation: The Case Of The Missing Bicycle Frame Pump
by Jack Sharkey

Tina had prepared an interesting brevet route. Scott and Melissa had shared their two night motel reservation with me, allowing one night as Melissa is recovering from a knee injury and Scott decide to stay the second night on his way through Penticton during his 1000km. My wife didn't lock the door, throw away the key, or change the lock when I had returned home Friday morning a half hour after my earlier departure, to obtain my helmet that I had somehow left behind. Friday night found me in the motel room doing a bicycle check. When it came time to do a tire pressure check, no pump! I searched high And low for it. It was nowhere to be found. I finally resolved that without the pump, I would not be cycling the brevet. I went to the start Saturday morning and offered to assist. Tina had everything in hand for the day. She offered me the use of a pump as did Roger And Ali. It was almost start time and since I hadn't yet had breakfast, I declined with thanks. On my return home on the 4th rather than 5th September, Rosemarie gave me that silent look! Again?, no result?, strike two! Yikes! I 'm thinking that she might be locking up my bicycle for the sake of posterity! I still haven't located the pump in question.

September 5, 2004