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After Wim Kok's submission was posted there was some confusion about what he was talking about. David Cambon came to our rescue with this contribution to the discussion list. [The title is mine, added later, as was the poster (click to enlarge) -Eric F.]

Mystery Rider Demystified

by David Cambon

I feel compelled to spoil the puzzle before someone has a stroke trying to figure that one out.

Somebody has entered using the name "Charles Terront" with "Cycles Clement". Cycles Clement is the name of a bike shop in Belgium but it is also the Paris "Cycles Clement" made famous in an 1898 Pal advertising poster. The poster features a fanciful woman in a see-through dress hoisting a bike with a rooster on her head.

M Charles Terront won the first PBP in 1891 (in 72 hours, with no gears). He was apparently kept awake by someone who rang a cowbell in his ear.

The implication is that M Terront has come back from the dead to ride the RM1200.