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Winding Up 2002

Harold Bridge


Oh dear! It's that time of year again. The BC Randonneurs most popular event, the AGM, is due to take place on September 29.

The Place:

Bedford House Restaurant, on Glover Road, Fort Langley, twixt Rail and River on the east side of the road opposite the Fort Pub.

The Programme:

Meet in Marina Park, north end of Church Street, (Park in municipal parking lot, not Bedford House) at 09:30 for a 10:00 start to the morning's ride. Maps and route sheets will be issued but you can go where the hell you please provided you are back at the Bedford House for 13:00 with your money in your hot little hand.

After enjoying the buffet we will hold a brief business meeting with, hopefully, all the positions to be filled having eager novices ready to take up the reins. (That’s how it normally happens anyway).

We are then free to go, although there is so much to say to all the people we normally only get to "Hi" or "Everything alright?" to during events that it takes a while to clear the floor.

The buffet costs $13.95 – But we like to have the staff on side and so we calculate a price including the 7% GST and a 15% gratuity. That works out to $17.02. We don't like the idea of trying to collect that sort of sum so our generous treasurer subsidizes the cost so we pay $15.00 or $10.00 for juniors less than 12 years of age.

This year we ran out of pins and Karen Smith is frantically trying to decide how many to order. I hope she has them in time for the AGM; it's an ideal opportunity to present pins.

We do not require pre-payment BUT we do need to notify the Bedford House "How many" and I do that during the week before. At present we have the place booked for 40 to 80! SO, if you intend to be at the brunch please let me know:

Harold Bridge, 604-941-3448

See yer!