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Co-founder of BC Randonneurs, Gerry Pareja, suggested that we include a historical timeline to help put historical committee page in perspective. He wrote the following in an e mail (hence the casual style) to me, Nov 2002. (Eric F)

BC Randonneurs Cycling Club
Historical Timeline
Gerry Pareja

PBP-qualifying rides started in 1979 under the auspices of the Vancouver Bicycle Club. I was the "Hard Rides Secretary"; this name came about because the VBC had a tradition of "Sunday Easy Rides", which segued into "Sunday Medium Rides" for those who were chomping at the bit for longer rides, and eventually into monster rides like John Hathaway and I wanted to do (plus a few other crazies), like going up to Cypress Bowl, Mt Seymour and Burnaby Mountain all in one day; or Vancouver to Mt Baker and back, etc.; this branch of the club became the "Hard Riders" and I was the secretary for a few years. Naturally, all the events were run out of my kitchen table....

When I became Prez of BABC (May 1981), I decided to allocate the office's resources (typing, photocopying, telephone, etc.) as needed to support the events; I can't recall specifically setting up a committee right at the start, but I knew everyone supported it (*) (two of the other Board members were Louis Bernhardt and Wayne Phillips) (* as long as we didn't ask for airfare to France!). The committee existed since 1982 at least. The 1994 Cycling BC handbook says "1994 marks our first year as a full-fledged sector", so the sector was created at the AGM in the fall of 1993.

Additional: In 1996, during Bill Kitchen's presidency, the randonneurs sector also became a society subject to the Societies Act of British Columbia. Tim Pollock organized the whole process including putting together the club's constitution. It was at this moment when we first started using our current name: BC Randonneurs Cycling Club.