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This article by Ken Dobb from Toronto explores the unique evolution long distance cycling in the UK. For easier reading and access to the sections, I've divided this lengthy article into five pages (the headings are the author's.) More of Ken's writings and translations on the origins of randonneur cycling, and distance cycling more broadly, can be found on the Randonneurs Ontario History Page. His article on Mauice Martin is elsewhere on this site. [Eric Fergusson - Dec 2005] (Click photos to see the captions.)


An Alternative Form of Long Distance Cycling:
The British Roads Records Association
by Ken Dobb

Part I - Introduction: A Divergence Of Styles

Part II - The Development Of An Event Structure

Part III - The Decline of Paced Cycling

Part IV - Causes And Consequences

Part V - Conclusion


Photo above is of Harry "Goss" Green
(Click image for caption)