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From the archives #2:
Les Canadiens

Photo: Audax Club Parisien

Can you spot the Canadians? Find the helmets, and you've found our boys. This is the beginning of PBP 1979 - the 10 a.m. start (84 hour group) on Monday, Sept 3, 1979, at Stade Municipal, Montesson - and here are two of the orginal Canadian randonneurs: Gerry Pareja (forground), and John Hathaway (adjusting his front wheel.) The third helmeted rider is not actually Wayne Phillips (as I had reported here earlier) but an American rider. So missing from this picture, are the two other original Canadains at PBP: Wayne Phillips and Dan McGuire. The photo appears in the 1979 PBP "plaquette" (results/follow-up booklet).

(This is the second of three PBP photos from the club archives as we count down to PBP zero-3.)


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