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Vancouver Island Rides
Cowichan Populaire Photos
(50, 100 & 160 km)

June 15, 2013

Photos: Stephen Hinde, Dave Macmurchie & Steve Mahovlic

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Stephen Hinde's Photos
23 Images - Flickr


Steve Mahovlic's Photos:

Rob Scrimgour

Karen Jarvis and Cam Campbell

Cathy Bulger and Doug Warren

Anne Muir and Cam Drew

Fred Rockwell on left

Tod and Tomas Kolynick

Keith Clark on right

Marion Parkin, Jenna Yuill and Brynne Croy

Keith Clarke

John and Tai McGillivray.

Leigh Blaney and Leslie Sundby on left. Steven and Mike Croy on right.




Steven, Brynne and Mike Croy, and Jenna Yuill at the finish
Photo: Dave