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2010 Super Week
Alex's Prerides

August 21- 27

Photos: Alex Pope

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A selection of ride organizer Alex's photos from his super week pre-rides

(no photos from the pre-ride 200)

300 km - Concrete Chuckanut

Skagit River

North Cascade Elk Herd


400 km - Whistler Greenway

Sea to Sky Scenery

Fraser Highway, Mount Baker


600 km - Cache Creek, Lillooet
A road closure on Highway 1 in the canyon forced Alex to abbandon the 600
Some of the photos were taken from the car - he returned via highway 99, the Duffy Lake Road

The 600 km route was ultimately changed because of road work.

Rain ahead


Hwy 99 Scenery

Hwy 12 Scenery

Hwy 12 Single Lane Traffic

Clear water in lake along Duffy Lake Rd