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2009 Vancouver Island Permanents
Peninsula 200 - Permanent 25
January 17 & 18 - 200 km

Photos: Ken Bonner, Brynne & Mike Croy, Mikael Jansson

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90 km Cotrol
Photos: Brynne & Mike

Typically, cyclists ignoring the signage

first-guy-to-complete-a-BC-permanent MacMurchie, stretching ...and ignoring the signage

Someone named Holland, friend of Mike & Brynne's

Professor Bonner with one of his patented road-side lectures

...the kid asks a difficult question


90 km Control, continued
Photos: Ken Bonner

Young Stephen Croy looking bigger... and cooler.

Brynne, Stephen, Mike, Dave & Holland
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The same crew at 119 km - Dave, Mike, Holland

Permanent 25 start/finish in Oak Bay (Victoria)

...the next day 3 riders did the same peninsula 200 route:
(Photos: Ken & Mikael)

Photo: Mikael

Photo: Ken
Michael Janssen & Mark Ford at the January 18 start in Oak Bay

Shoal Bay near start
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Photo: Ken

Morning at Oak Bay Marina - Mt Baker in distance
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Photo: Ken

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Photo: Ken

Sidney Marina
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Photo: Ken

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Photo: Mikael

Mark at 90 km
Photo: Mikael

Mikael's rear derailler failed so he shortened the chain to convert the bike to a single speed. Didn't quite work - Mikael abandonned at ~90 km.
Photo: Mikael

Photo: Mark