BC Randonneurs Cycling Club


2009 Vancouver Island Summer Brevets
Tour of Nanaimo & Cowichan Valleys - 200 km
August 15

Photos: Stephen Hinde


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The obligatory start photo.

Heading up Nanaimo Lakes: Eric, Ryan, Darren.

Nigel in Timberlands. His entire kit for the whole weekend is in that bag.

Rick near Ladysmith, glad to be on course.

Looking toward Genoa Bay. Yes it is sunny somewhere.

Darren and Eric on Richards Trail... before seeing the hill.

Genoa Bay sunflower

Genoa Bay orca

Genoa Bay gallery

Eric contemplating the road out of Genoa Bay.

Rick leaving Genoa Bay.

The place to eat in Cowichan Bay.

Lee leaving lunch in Cowichan Bay.

Ryan leaving Mill Bay, heading home.

Eric with a passer-by in Cobble Hill (rumours that this is Siân may be exaggerated).

Darren's response to Eric's shenanigans in Cobble Hill.

Lee, after he finally pried the lid off.

At the finish.