2008 Eau de Hell week Galleries

BC Randonneurs Cycling Club


Eau de Hell week 600 km
Ride for Gold
April 17-18, 2008

Photos: Ken Bonner & Alex Pope
Film Clips: Alex Pope

Registration - Chemainus Subway

Four riders left...





Film Clips:
(Alex Pope)

Clip 1 - Dave
(38 sceonds)

Clip 2 - Scott
(36 sceonds)

Clip 3 - Eric
(17 sceonds)


Gold River Control - 310 km


Finish - Chemainus Subway - 602 km

They Did It For Beer...

...Hell Beer ! Organizer Ken promised beer prizes for the riders with the greatest and the least cumulative times for the four brevets.

Eric scored the bottle for the least cumulative time.
Actually Ken really had the least cumulative time on his
organizer's pre-ride, but disqualified himself.

...but what Eric really needed was hot coco.

And Dave got the "stopping to smell the roses" beer prize.

All four riders got the Eau de Hell week finishers' pin:

Actual Size !
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