2007 BC PBP Photos

BC Randonneur Cycling Club


Paris Brest Paris
August 2007

Photos by E.W. (Wim) Kok

Wim overlooking field near Jouars. (picture taken by Ross Nichol) (pre PBP)

Ross Nichol in a field of wild flower between Nogent and Dreux. (pre PBP)

Clyde, Wim and Jim's riding reflections. (pre PBP)

Clyde, Leif, Wim and Jim at "Le Stade de Droits de l"Homme". (pre PBP)

Drew Buck's bicycle, the oldest and most photographed one at PBP. (pre PBP)

Here come Darren and Keith on their steep descent into Fougeres.

Darren and Keith...