2007 BC PBP Photos

BC Randonneur Cycling Club


Paris Brest Paris
August 2007

Photos from Ken Bonner

Bob, Amy, Eric, Keith

Keith & Ross

80 hour start group

Ken Carter... calm, ready

Ken managed to swap his jersey during PBP. He's his story: "This picture was taken about midnight at the Brest Control. André Le Foch, Brest Cycling Club, is holding my dirty, sweat-soaked B.C. jersey which he received in trade from me by giving me a brand-new (and dry) Brest Cycling Club jersey!!"

At the finish

Ken's version of the 1-2-3-4-5-6 PBPers

RUSA VP John Lee Ellis on right

Ken with Robert Olsen
(Photo: John Lee Ellis)

Versailles market

John & Sarah in Versailles