2007 BC PBP Photos

BC Randonneur Cycling Club


Paris Brest Paris
August 2007

Photos from Keith Patterson
(Captions by Keith Patterson)

Team BC/Canada scopes out the route to the start

It's not often that guys like Ross Nichol and Keith Patterson
get a chance to ride with the likes of Ken Bonner…

Ross and Keith Nichol at the Start/Finish area

Ouch! This was discovered the morning of the start

ready to go

Brian Westerberg on the way to the start

The 10:30PM 90 hour start, ready to go…

Why didn't I think to bring garlic…

Bob and Deirdre somewhere around Fougeres the first morning

Tracy Barill nearing Fougeres

Up a hill, through a town, past a church, and repeat…

The sign says "aller" but the knees said stop. After some deep soul searching
and a large dose of ibuprophen, I went with the instructions on the sign.

The bridge into Brest. Almost halfway.

My third night on the bike and apparently in need of some sleep!

Jeff Mudrakoff leaving the secret control on night three

Push me pull you recumbent

Darren Inouye

Wim Kok nearing Tinteniac (?)

Free hot coffee!!! Yes please!

Jenny and Patrick at an early morning croissant stop

If I appear to be talking about doing this again in 2011,
could somebody please show me this picture?

Susan Barr on the home stretch

Darren and Susan at 1200km, do we really have to ride another 30km?

Jeff Mudrakoff at the finish - Congratulations!

Back at the hotel, I'm pretty sure that the last 10km were the hardest!

Keith Patterson and Ross Nichol, survivors.