2007 BC PBP Photos

BC Randonneur Cycling Club


Paris Brest Paris
August 2007

Photos from Eric Fergusson

A few days before PBP a few of us went off to find a good route to the start.

Found it.

Team BC on the way to the sign-in and group photos:

Oops, missed them.

There they are.

BC Randonneurs


Keith, Susan and Deirdre signing in.

PBP Organizer Pierre Theobald

During PBP:


After PBP:

Deirdre: 6 PBPs

Leif & Bob

Mike, Jacques, Bob, Eric, Ken & Deirdre

Canada's big moment... Deirdre accepts the award for the participating country that was the third furthest away from Paris.

Road trip to the bicycle/cycling museum at Saint Etienne (etc.):

Ken, Michel, Karen & Eric

The view from Vezelay

The church in Vezelay

Another town (I've forgotten the name.)

The monument to Velocio near Saint Etienne.


Hangin' out in the Paris metro

Off touring:


Michel & Karen