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All this... and poet laureate too. In addition to receiving the 100,000 km trophy and the 2005 John Hathaway ("iron butt") trophy, Ken was also selected to be the BC Randonneur poet laureate. This final distinction was actually determined by chance - Ken's name was drawn from five poets, who had submitted a total of nine poems during the four month long randonneur poetry contest. Interestingly the contest was originally Ken's idea, and his single submission was intended, I think, just to get the ball rolling. In striking contrast to his distance achievements in marathon cycling, Ken's poem is very very short. [Link to ken's poetry contest submission.] At the AGM we were treated to a reading by the author of his winning work. Within a few days Ken proved that he was taking his new position seriously by penning a new (autobiographical) poem:

Now I lay me down to sleep
Iron and Bronze Butt Trophies at my feet
If I should die before I wake
You know I died of saddle ache

Photo by Harold Bridge

2005 AGM Photos