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In 2009 some teams had administrative problems. Here are some clarifications that should solve the problem. Every team must declare a team captain. The captain is responsible for all paper work, the collecting of fees and the submission of the route as an Excel file. The deadlines for entries since 2010 have been strictly observed. All entry material will be sent to ride organizer Cheryl Lynch who will assemble, print and distribute the control cards to team captains.

A team must submit its 2019 Flèche Registration Form (same form for Trace Pacifique), a signed Event Entry & Waiver for each rider, all fees, and itinerary (route sheet indicating control points, distances, and an estimated time schedule) between January 1st and a deadline determined by the organizer. (Deadline this year (2019) is Tuesday April 23.) The submitted route sheet, like any randonneur route sheet, must include kilometer counts, both cumulative and partial (the distance between turns), as well an accurate total figure.

The organizer must approve the route sheet. It is the responsibility of the team captain to ensure adequate time for route checking and changes.

All participants must be BC Randonneurs Cycling Club members [2019 Membership Form & Waiver or membership on line through CCN. Note that this waiver is different from the waiver on event entry form. You will need to fill out both of them if you not already a club member.]

2019 fee schedule:

$55 Cdn/person entry fee (includes brunch)
$10 Cdn - club membership fee (mandatory for All riders because of liability)
$40 Cdn - non-rider brunch fee
(cancellation deadline for brunch is the Sunday be for the ride)

Submit entries to:
Cheryl Lynch
PO Box 39024 Point Grey
Vancouver, BC V6R 4P1

Cheryl - e mail