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e mail address encryption page


This page is dormant at the moment. People have become more confidence in their spam filtering systems.

All BC Randonneur organizers have agreed to have their e mails addresses directly accessible.


Instructions: Replace "bob" with "@"


Jane Doe:                   jane_doebobhotmail.com

Detailed instructions: To contact the people (above)--> copy the address (in red)-->paste the address on to the 'To:' line of your out-going e-mail message-->replace the bob with @-->check to make sure your mailer hasn't added auto-added an extra location tag-->and bob's your uncle... click send.



What is this shit ?

Spam - unwanted e mail advertising - is becoming a real problem. While still wanting to receive legitimate inquiries, some ride organizers may wish protect their e mail addresses from programs which search web sites and collect e mail addresses. Organizers who are interested in protecting themselves in this way can contact me - Eric Fergusson - and I'll add you to this list. When someone clicks on your linked name on a schedule page, or elsewhere, they will be sent to this page.

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