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Welcome to Super Randonneur Week 2019
aka: Eau de Hell Week
Parksville, Vancouver Island

In keeping with the later season date (it will be warmer, if not dryer), and a motion at an AGM 3 years ago (“make the event more appealing”), we are officially calling this year’s version “Super Randonneur Week” (SRW). Obviously, you can earn your SR award in one week if you complete the entire series (and also earn the coveted series pin). We’re doing it a little differently this time around—with the hub location in Parksville, services are much more diverse than were available in Chemainus during past EdH events. This is both good and bad—riders have choice to suit their needs, but we won’t be in a central hotel to share breakfast (I looked into this option but it became very expensive, so not this time). We moved the 200 to run on Sunday to allow riders to join in the single event without a large time commitment. Similarly, the 600 will be on the weekend, again to allow those who only need a 600 to qualify for PBP to join. And if you really want a full series, consider riding the Cowichan Populaire on June 1st as a warm-up. And why is the full day off between the 200 and 300, not before the 600? The organizer couldn’t read the calendar when submitting dates to France last October. (Besides, it’s a little more like riding PBP.)


You must be a member of the BC Randonneurs Cycling Club to ride any brevet organized by the BC Randonneurs (membership is $10). Entry fee is $15 per brevet. Please be sure to understand that, in true randonneurs fashion, there is little or no support provided on these rides.

For further information contact Stephen Hinde