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Welcome to Super Randonneur Week 2023
Formerly: Eau de Hell Week
Nanaimo, Vancouver Island

Back by popular demand is the Vancouver Island Super Randonneur Week. The location has changed from Parksville (2019) to Nanaimo. The event hub will be the Bluebird Motel, close to downtown Nanaimo. The early-May scheduling will allow riders, who do the full series, to earn their Paris Brest Paris qualification well before the deadline, and also kick their conditioning into high gear. For other riders this will offer an opportunity to ride one or more of the PBP qualifying rides, to supliment brevets done earlier or elsewhere. But you don't need to be focused on PBP qualifying at all - all riders are welcome to ride any of the distances. Another feature of the 2023 series is that there is an extra recovery day between the 400 and 600 km brevets. (Thank you Stephen!) Hope to see you in Nanaimo!


You must be a member of the BC Randonneurs Cycling Club to ride any brevet organized by the BC Randonneurs (membership is $10). Entry fee is $15 per brevet. Please be sure to understand that, in true randonneurs fashion, there is little or no support provided on these rides.

For further information contact Stephen Hinde