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Super Randonneur Week Results:

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Vancouver Island Spring Brevets
2019 Super Randonneur Week

Series Coordinator:
Stephen Hinde


200 km
Coombs Cumberland Explorer
June 2
Ride Organizer:
Stephen Hinde
300 km
Parksville Cowichan Bay Explorer
June 4
Ride Organizer:
Stephen Hinde
400 km
Port Renfrew
June 6
Ride Organizer:
Stephen Hinde
600 km
Buttle and a Half
June 8
Ride Organizer:
Stephen Hinde
Ride-Day Volunteers:
Allen Henderson
Carol Hinde
Nigel Philcox
  Ride-Day Volunteers:
Carol Hinde
Dave King
  Ride-Day Volunteers:
Dug Andrusiek
Deirdre Arscott
Carol Hinde

Carol Hinde
Rob Nygren
Marion Syme
Partly cloudy, moderate temperatures. Small head wind north bound, strengthening into a headwind southbound.
Partly cloudy all day. Mild temperatures. Wind was variable and gusting. Late finishers experienced short, light showers. Heavy rain started on drive home. One rider rode the last half of brevet with broken front spoke. One rider rode last 75% with broken rear shifter, so completed the very hilly route with only two gears.
Clear but cool at start. Clouding over by noon. Thunderstorms mid afternoon. Some riders had rain, some had brief showers.
A little bit of everything. Partly cloudy and sunny on each day. Light showers on each day. Tail winds, head winds, no wind, side winds depending on where on the route you were, and what time of day. Temperatures from 10 to 20 deg.
Dave King             7:43
Paul van Wersch  RE   7:43
John MacDonald        7:57
Timothy Sommer        7:57
Kenneth Bonner        8:04
David Robertson       8:10
Michael Tilitzky      8:10
David Allwood         8:35
Eric Fergusson        9:31
Gary Baker            9:41
John Kinos           10:14
Michael Mann         10:14
Kang Lee             10:42
Shiro Ogawa          10:42
Allen Henderson  VP  11:11
Stephen Hinde    VP  11:11
Nigel Philcox    VP  11:11

17 Finishers
Paul van Wersch RE 12:55 Mike Hagen 13:34 Kenneth Bonner 13:55 David Robertson 14:18 Michael Tilitzky 14:18 David Allwood 15:20 Nigel Philcox 15:20 Gary Baker 16:43 Eric Fergusson 16:43 E. W. (Wim) Kok 16:43 Shiro Ogawa 17:14 Stephen Hinde VP 17:17 Dave King VP 17:17 13 Finishers
Dave King 17:59 Paul van Wersch RE 17:59 David Robertson 20:52 Kenneth Bonner 21:50 Gary Baker 22:00 Eric Fergusson 22:00 Deirdre Arscott VP 26:14 Stephen Hinde VP 26:14 Ronald Stewart DNF 8 Finishers
Dave King 26:07 Paul van Wersch RE 26:07 Eric Fergusson 29:36 Peter Stary 31:29 Mike Hagen 32:43 David Robertson 34:34 Kenneth Bonner 34:46 Buddy Bhandar 35:09 Theo Wyne 35:18 Gary Baker 35:41 Deirdre Arscott 35:53 Stephen Hinde 35:53 Michael Tilitzky 35:53 13 Finishers

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Times measured in hours and minutes - hh:mm
VP = Volunteer Preride
TA = tandem
RE = recumbent
CR = course record
ER = event record

Cumulative Times
(for the 7 full-series finishers)

Paul van Wersch      64:44  1st EdH
Dave King            69:06  3rd EdH
Eric Fergusson       77:50  8th EdH
David Robertson      78:56  3rd EdH
Ken Bonner           81:23  8th EdH
Gary Baker           84:05  3rd EdH
Stephen Hinde        90:35  1st EdH

7 EdH/SRW Finishers


Honourable Mentions
(to the riders who completed 3 SRW events or 900 km+)

Michael Tilitzky        200 300     600 = 1100km
Deirdre Arscott                 400 600 = 1000km
Mike Hagen                 300      600 =  900km