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The origianl starting location was at the "Dancing Bean" in Chemainus

2019 Route Info & Brevet Details

Draft Routes:
https://ridewithgps.com/events/61840-super-randonneur-week .
(Minor changes are possible - check back after pre-rides.)

Start /Finish Controls:
All events will start and finish in Parksville. Like many small towns, food services outside of main business hours is spotty, so we’ll be using Starbucks as our start control, which opens at 5:30am. All rides start at 6 am, except the 200 starts at 7 am. Starbucks is 4 blocks south of the centre of town along the old highway. Late evening food is also a problem, so the 200 will finish at Starbucks (open till 9pm), but all other rides will finish at Chevron Gas (24 hr) 4 blocks north of the start. The organizer will be at all starts, but may not be at the finish. Details for cards and pins will be discussed at the start of the event.

Route Notes:
All draft routes (sheets and gps) are posted to the schedule page, but you can see them all on Ride with GPS https://ridewithgps.com/events/61840-super-randonneur-week . The routes will be finalized once the organizer pre-ride is complete, but no major changes are expected. While there may be some organizer support (such as one control on the 600), plan to ride these events completely on your own. There are some lengthy stretches without services, so plan accordingly—stop for food and water when it is available. Stock up BEFORE leaving Campbell River for Buttle Lake (600). Also before leaving Lake Cowichan for Port Renfrew (400). After you’ve reviewed the routes, contact me if you have specific questions.

All routes have some gravel—the 200 has a couple of 800m sections and is the most “off road” like as you ride through Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park. This also coincides with a “no cycling” rule, so you decide if you need to walk—the sections are short. Other routes have “across the parking lot” gravel. I ride all of it on 25mm tires.

The routes have a variety of road types, from busy highway (I’ve tried to minimize this) to quiet (means ‘challenging cycling’) backroads. Surfaces vary from excellent to barely acceptable, but mostly good. The 400 and the 600 have the majority of the highway mileage (and not just because of the distance), but even these routes have some navigational challenges if you don’t pay attention to your route sheet (or gps). The 300 is titled as an “explorer” for a reason—you’ll definitely see some corners of Vancouver Island not usually visited. Check out the routes before riding, and load your gps a few days before the event.

There are a number of information controls, particularly on the 300--carry writing implements (include a spare, expect rain) and carry a flashlight.

Cellphone service is not available along several sections of the route, mainly Lake Cowichan to Port Renfrew, and Campbell River to Buttle Lake, with other pockets of “no service”. If your family is tracking you (find my iphone anyone?) you will appear to drop off the map.

And while on the 400, why not stop (5 minutes) to view the Harris Creek Sitka Spruce? But do this on the return leg when you’re going uphill. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harris_Creek_Sitka_Spruce

Check for more updates after the pre-rides are finished, 1 to 2 weeks in advance of the event.


Pre-registration for all rides is strongly recommended and can be found at RandoPony:

SRW 200        SRW 300        SRW 400        SRW 600

You must be a member of the BC Randonneurs Cycling Club (membership is $10).
Entry fee is $15 per brevet.

Contact, Series Organizer: Stephen Hinde