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The origianl starting location was at the "Dancing Bean" in Chemainus

2023 Route Info & Brevet Details

Draft Routes:

200 km: "Its Just Around the Corner" (May 7):

300 km: "Coombs Cowichan" (May 8):

400 km: "Parallels with Latitude" (May 10):

600 km: "East Coast Renfrew" (May 13):

2023 ridewithGPS Series Hub:

(There may be route changes - check back closer to the ride dates.)

Start /Finish Controls:
All rides will start at Tim Hortons, Brooks Landing, 1980 Island Highway N., Nanaimo. The 200 will finish there. All other rides will finish at Canco Gas, Terminal Ave, Nanaimo.
Canco is across the highway from the Bluebird Motel and about 1.5 km from the Tim Hortons.

Route Notes:
Update from Stephen (March 30, 2023)...
I found that the Tim Hortons on Wallace St is NOT a good place to start the ride—early morning security might be in question here. So I’ve moved the start to Tim Hortons, Brooks Landing (1980 Island Hwy N). Opening hours are 5am to 10pm, but this year the drive-thru is 24hr. The manager at Tims said they would accept bicycles at the drive thru, but their sensor might not work, so tap on the window and wave. Be polite. (You think the manager has had some problems from walk-ups when she asked for politeness?)

It is 1.5 km from the Bluebird to the start, and you can use the E&N trail or Estevan (the finish route on 3 brevets). If you are driving to the start, parking can be found on Highland Boulevard just north of Brooks Landing. (Parking on mall property is limited to 2hrs.) Canco Gas is across the road from the Bluebird, and has a 24hr convenience store that sometimes has hot samosas. Beaufort Pizza and Pasta is about 2.5km from the Bluebird, and offers delivery. They are open 4pm to 1am every day. Other food services are nearby, so check out Google.

The updated route maps have all been posted to the website. Route sheets and control cards will be updated as pre-rides occur. All routes are planned with a single start location in mind, with traffic and services in consideration. Rides will explore gravel trail, back roads, and highway. (As of today, all gravel is in great condition and rideable on any tires.) Most of the riding is on the east coast of the Island, but the 600 will visit Port Renfrew. The Bluebird is at the 366km point, so easily accessible for a rest. There will be hills—some steep, some long—but it is good preparation for PBP.

Fees & Membership
You must be a member of the BC Randonneurs Cycling Club (membership is $10).
Entry fee is $15 per brevet.

Series Organizer: Stephen Hinde