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The Shoe Pub across the steet from the Best Western became the gathering
place in 2010 and 2011 when Eau de Hell week was based in Chemainus

Accommodation & Food in Parksville:

Parksville has many hotels, some of the resort hotels on the south side of town can be quite pricey, but may offer services such as spas. If you’re coming with your family, you may want to consider one of these. (Mini golf for the kids? Spa for the spouse?). However, almost across from our start location is the Skylite motel http://www.skylitemotel.com . They have a number of rooms that include kitchenettes. There are several hotels north of the finish, but the closest is the Sea Edge https://seaedge.com . They also have kitchens, and some rooms have “walk onto the beach out of your door” access.

Both the Sea Edge and the Skylite are small, so book now, particularly for the weekend. However, a quick Google search will show a list of motels of varying price and amenities.

There are some campgrounds nearby. Rathtrevor Provincial Park is about 2km south of the start, but reserve now—it is a very popular campground. There are a couple of commercial sites 1km south of the start also.

The 600 has been designed to put Parksville at 385km, so you can stay in your room on Saturday night as well. There will be no bag drop service!

Well, the usual assortment of establishments, but for early or late dining: MacDonalds (3 blocks north of finish) is 24 hr, at least drive thru, maybe also the lobby on the weekend, otherwise 5 am to 11 pm depending on staffing; Boston Pizza (near Starbucks) 11 am to 11 pm; Tim Hortons (next to BP) 5 am to 11 pm. There is a Smittys also, but it isn’t very useful for a randonneur, only open 7 am to 8 pm. There are a number of other restaurants with various hours, but you can check those yourself. And after the 300 or 400 you might consider the Mt. Arrowsmith Brewing Company—a chance to recover electrolytes? https://arrowsmithbrewing.com . Or if you’re bored sitting around waiting for the next ride, check out Little Qualicum Cheeseworks and Mooberry Winery https://www.morningstarfarm.ca