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Diablo's Triple 1000

Diablo's Triple 1000 mini-series was concieved of and organized by Ken Bonner. There are no plans to hold this event in the future, but for the historical record the web page remains on line.


June 2010

Back to back to back 1000 km brevets on Vancouver Island, Canada.

Upsy-Downsy 1000 - June   5 (3 a.m. start)
Eureka 1000 - June   9 (3 a.m. start)
Hare & Tortoise 1000 - June 13 (3 a.m. start)


Photo Selection:

Yutaka Moriwaki's Photos from all three 2010 rides

Results 2010:

Upsy-Downsy 1000:     Ken Bonner       61:29  Ken's Report
(June 5)              Yutaka Moriwaki   DNF   Yutaka's Photos (Picasa)

Eureka 1000: Yutaka Moriwaki 63:23 Yutaka's Photos (Picasa) (June 9) Ken Bonner 63:45 Ken's Report
Hare & Tortoise 1000: Ken Bonner 62:40 Ken's Report (June 13) Yutaka Morwaki 64:56 Yutaka's Photos (Picasa) Phillip Lennox DNF Jim Runkel DNF Jim's Report & Photos
Cummulative Times: Ken's for all three brevets: 187h 54m (7 days 19h 54m) Yutaka's for his two completed brevets: 128h 17m (5 days 8h 17m)

Ken's 2010 Series Report


Top Photo: Yutaka Moriwaki

Web Site: Eric Fergusson