Can Jersey 2003

BC Randonneurs Cycling Club

Canada Jersey Proposals
(For PBP 03)

Here's the winning design
& now official Randonneur Canada PBP 03 Jersey:

#1c mach 2 - modified LG 'Flames'
(Submitted by Graham Hallward - Design assistance from Jaye Haworth)


Here's a closer at the Randonneurs Canada graphic, & PBP 03 decoration.


Here are the other designs submitted for consideration:

The first six selections were 'stock' designs by the Louis Garneau and Sugoi companies, and also O'Hagan's Peninsula Cycles. The first two (#1a & 2a) are from earlier years. The next three are more current Garneau and Sugoi designs. And finally... the O'Hagan geese and its five variants.

#1a - Garneau "wave"

#2a - Sugoi "blizzard"

#1b - Garneau "maple leaf"

#1c - Garneau "flames"

#2b - Sugoi "true north"

# 3 O'Hagan's 'geese'
(from O'Hagan's Peninsula Cycles, White Rock)


#3b - Goose labelled
(Designed by Ali Holt)

#3c Goose labelled (red shoulders)
(Designed by Ali Holt)


#3d Blue goose labelled
(Designed by Jean Robert)

#3e Blue goose defoliated
(Designed by Susan Allen)

#3g Canada Goose
(Designed by Ali Holt)

The remaining designs are originals. They are posted here in the order submitted.

#4, & #5
(Designs: Anonymous)


#6a - Maple Leaf
(Designed by Eric Fergusson)

#6b - Maple Leafs
(Designed by Eric Fergusson)

#6c - Maple Leaf
(Designed by Ali Holt)


#7 - Beaver
(Designs: Anonymous)


(Designed by Ali Holt)


#9 & #10
(Designed by Ali Holt)


This is a modified version of the Randonneurs Mondiaux jersey.
(Designed by Réal Préfontaine)


#12 & #13
(Designs: Anonymous)


(Designed by Ali Holt)

#14b & #14c
(Designed by Ali Holt)


Kevin Jardine in Victoria was our point man on this project.

All designs above © the designers.