Super Randonneur & BR-5000 Explained

RANDONNEUR 5000 (formerly the "Brevet de Randonneur 5000")

To receive a 5000 pin a rider must complete 5000 km in official randonneur events within four years. This 5000 km must include one ride at each distance in a basic series (200, 300, 400, and 600 km), a 1000 km, a Flèche Velocio or equivalent (Flèche Pacifique in BC, 360+ km), and a Paris - Brest - Paris (1200 km). You will notice that this adds up to 4060 km. Riders can choose any combination of randonneur events (200 km or more) to bring the total up to 5000 km. The name change referenced above happenning in 2007.


A Super Randonneur is a rider who completes a brevet at each of the distances in a basic series (200, 300, 400, and 600 km) in one season.

Super Randonneur & Brevet de Randonneur 5000 pin designs by Audax Club Parisien


Here is an additional piece of information about the RM 5000 award. It appears that "flèche de France" rides (different from Flèche Vélocio rides, like our Flèche Pacifique) can be used as distance towards a rider's 5000 pin. Learn more about the "flèche de France" rides here (a page on this site with external links to the ACP web pages.) This statement below was from page 37 of the pre-pbp 2007 booklet.