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Victoria Populaire - A Brief History
by Eric Fergusson

It was local rider Mike Poplawski's idea to introduce a "populaire" style ride to Victoria, modelled on the Pacific Populaire in Vancouver, and the Nanaimo Populaire up Island. He organized the first four Victoria Populaires (2000-2003.) This early version of the ride included a 150 km distance option, and was held in June or July. The event then went dormant for four seasons. The ride was reintroduced by another local rider Raymond Parker in 2007.

The start/finish was at Beacon Hill Park 2007-09, but for 2010 was moved to the campus of the University of Victoria. For 2016 the start was moved to the James Bay Athletic Association Clubhouse.


The Victoria Populaire is, in part, meant to be an introduction to the sport of Randonneur Cycling. BC Randonneurs organize 200 - 2000 km brevets on Vancouver Island and on the Mainland. Victoria Populaire finishers are encouraged to try the Vancouver Island Spring 200 km which is held two weeks later.