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In May of 2019 our discussion group moved from Yahoo to a Google Groups. The group is called BC Randonneurs. To join go to!forum/bc-randonneurs. If you’re new to Google Groups, you will see a dialogue box asking if you want to join. If you have a “New Topic” click the red button. Clicking this will also generate a dialogue box to join.

If you sign up, but no longer want to be part of the group, go to our Google Groups home page (the link above) and select the drop-down box “My Settings” (near the top right corner—heads with a down arrow). One of the options is “leave this group”. Or follow the instructions on the bottom of any discussion group email.

Rules of Engagement: The group list is for discussing any topic related to the BC Randonneurs Cycling Club, or of general interest to its members. If a discussion becomes personal, please continue the discussion privately. Discussions can be spirited, but please be respectful.

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The old Yahoo list was established in 1999 by Mike Poplawski. The list has gone silent, but all the old messages are still there going back to Mike's first post on February 28, 2000. It's a nice archive to have and an interesting view in to our club's history. BC Randonneurs Yahoo Groups Home: Yahoo Groups: BC Randonneurs Home