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Vancouver - Vancouver - Vancouver
To Vancouver WA, return

Route designed by Eric Fergusson in 2005.
Completed by Eric Fergusson & Peter Stary in June 2005.


Route Overview:

Start/Finish: Vancouver
Broadway & Granville

0 Vancouver 82 82 Sumas (Border) 65 147 Sedro Woolley 73 220 Snohomish* 40 260 Bellevue 150 410 Centralia 80 490 Longview* 70 560 Vancouver 70 630 Longview* 80 710 Centralia 150 860 Bellevue 40 900 Snohomish* 73 973 Sedro Woolley 65 1038 Sumas (Border) 82 1120 Vancouver -- Time Limit 75 hours *Not Controls

Detailed Route Sheets - 3 versions:

VVV (Non I5 Version) direct, not using I5 1120 km

VVV (Non I5 Version) through Enumclaw 1204 km

VVV (I5 Version) direct, all freeway 984 km


This page is, in part, about mapping out a place to place (to place) record route. The I5 version, as outlined here, would not be a 1000 km brevet. I've heard that cyclists are prohibitated from using I5 through Bellingham and I imagine that there are restrictions through Seattle as well. For safety reasons this is route is not really recommended.

The most direct route not using I5 is the 1120km VVV option. This could be considered a record route if you qualified the record as one which avoids freeways.

The Enumclaw route is a 1200.

A group of BC and Washington randonneurs (including Roger Street and Karen Smith) rode a ~Abbotsford - ~Portland -~Abbotsford 1000km route some years ago, and Ron Himschoot rode another version several years later. I have drawn on both these routes for the non-I5 versions. These earlier Abbotsford versions are also available - contact me if you would like to see these. A related route is the Peace Arch-Saint Helens 1000.

Peter Stary and I did the 1120 km version (though with a few different roads through greater Seattle, and briefly using I5 twice) in June 2005.

Eric Fergusson, June 2005