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Vancouver Calgary - Express


Route Overview:

Start/Finish: Vancouver
Broadway & Granville

   0  Vancouver     92
  92  Deroche       61
 153  Hope         117
 270  Merritt       87
 357  Kamloops     108
 465  Salmon Arm   102
 567  Revelstoke   148
 715  Golden        78
 793  Lake Louise   56
 849  Banff        128
 977  Calgary

(75 hour limit)

Obviously this route is a little short. You might want to find a finishing control somewhere slightly beyond Calgary. Or perhaps look for an out and back diversion somewhere on your route to make up the shortfall. Also, consider taking parallel alternate roads like Coldwater Road, the Bow Valley Parkway, and 1A from Canmore.

This is (more or less) Ken Bonner's Vancouver - Calgary (and Calgary - Vancouver) place-to-place records route - but I'm not sure that anyone has actually done this route as a brevet.


Additional from March 2007. Harold Bridge believes that Norm Brodie rode this 1000 "sometime in the eighties" and started from Tsawwassen to get the extra distance.