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BC Randonneurs Cycling Club

Kootenay Rocky 1000

Route designed in 2009 by Bob Goodison.
Ridden on September 4, 2010
, 2 a.m. start.
Three finishers:
Bob Goodison, Phil Lennox and Jim Runkel

Route Map (bikely)
courtesy of Dug Andresek

Route Overview:

Salmon Arm start:
Centenoka Park Mall

   0  Salmon Arm      198
 198  Nakusp           92
 290  Kaslo           222
 512  Cranbrook       247
 759  Golden          251
1010  Salmon Arm

(75 hour limit)

Detailed Route Sheet

Contact: Bob Goodison

[Notes from Bob, August 2010:]
The closest motel to the start is the Best Western, about 1/2 km away. Lots of other motels within a couple of kms. Start is from the Centenoka Mall back parking lot, beside Crown Furniture and across from Home building supplies. We have permission to leave vehicles there, but if you can arrange to leave them at your motel that would be more secure. We have had incidents with theft and damage to vehicles left overnight at mall parking lots in Vernon and Kelowna.
[Note that this next section is inaccurate - Bob was wrong about the last ferry time which is actually at 9:40 p.m.. Bob has now changed the ride's start time to 2 a.m. to accommodate this.] The second ferry, at 326.5 km, has it's last run at 12:00 midnight. With the 4:00am start that gives us 20 hours to get there, which should be lots of time. Keep in mind that it is hilly and at least 1/2 hour will be lost on the first ferry. I think they are running an extra ferry for the summer (until October), so sailings should be every 1/2 hour, meaning max time lost would be 1 hr. See the inland ferry schedule if any questions. If you miss the last ferry at Balfour, and catch the first one the next morning (6:30 am), you would have only a little over 7 hours to go the next 186 km- all but impossible. So don't miss the ferry. As dual start times are allowed for 1000 km brevets, if anyone feels they can't make that, we could have an alternate earlier start time- I would give you the control card the night before, then you would get it signed at the 7/11 before leaving.

[Bob had some additional thought about timing, etc. September 2010:]
During the ride it occurred to me that a smarter approach to the ferry problem would be to start much later, probably 7:00 am. You would start well rested, it would be impossible to catch the second ferry, so you would have a leisurely ride to Kaslo, a good length sleep in Kaslo, then catch the first ferry in the morning at 6:30 and have lots of time to make the Cranbrook control. It would eliminate the possibility of a really fast time, but make it much easier. Be prepared for a difficult climb just after New Denver. The route is beautiful, and worth doing if you can time things to avoid the heavy traffic on # 1 through the Rogers Pass to Salmon Arm.

[This ride was also scheduled for 2009, but was cancelled because of fires.]