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Kamloops - Kootenay 1000

Route Designed by Bob Goodison in 2007.
Ride completed in September 2008 by Doug Fox and Bob Goodison.

This will be the 2013 Interior 1000 route scheduled for June 29.
Bob Goodison has some modifications in mind. The route overview and the route sheet below are now not correct.
See Bob's October 2012 note below.


Route Overview:

Kamloops Start: Halston Husky
Hwy 5 & Paul Lake Road

   0  Kamloops        166   Hyw 5, Barnhartvale, 97, 33
 166  Kelowna         126   33
 292  Rock Creek      206   3
 498  Salmo           108   6, 3a
 606  Kaslo            96   31, 31a, 6
 702  Nakusp          167   23, 1
 869  Sicamous        143   1, 5
1012  Kamloops          -   

(75 hour limit)

Detailed Route Sheet

Contact: Bob Goodison

[Notes from Bob:]
The last 300 km or so will be the same as the Southern Rambles I rode this year, rather than return on Hwy 1 on the Canada Day weekend. The route through Vernon to Kelowna will also be changed.
[October, 2012]

[Notes from Bob:]
Hi Eric. We had the opportunity to drive my proposed Kamloops Kootenay 1000. It will be an extremely challenging route, but most of the roads are low traffic (except for the first 160 km and last 200 km). This will present another challenge as there are pretty much no 24 hr services, so a person will have to plan ahead, pack a little more stuff and stock up when things are open. Combine that with the large amount of climbing and it looks like it isn't a ride for a beginner. I'm thinking 6:00 AM start time, because, breaking it roughly into thirds, that puts a person into Greenwood for a sleep stop at around or shortly after dark. Bob
[March, 2007]