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Salmon Arm 1000

Route was being designed by Keith Fraser, Ron Penner and Bob Lepage.
There were 2 start times: 6 a.m. and 8 a.m.
17 riders completed the route in June 2010

2010 ride organizer was: Keith Fraser

Route Overview:

  Km  Control            Road      Go km

   0  Vancouver          Hwy 7, etc  60
  60  Mission            Hwy 7       51
 111  Agassiz            Hwy 7       36
 147  Hope               Hwy 5      116
 263  Merritt            Hwy 5A     116
 379  Kamloops           Hwy 1       96
 475  Salmon Arm         Hwy 1       96
 571  Kamloops           Hwy 1      100
 671  Cache Creek        Hwy 1       49
 720  Spences Bridge     Hwy 1       80
 800  Boston Barr        Hwy 1       85
 885  Seabird Island     Hwy 7       55
~940  Mission            Hwy 7, etc  64
1004  Vancouver

(75 hour limit)


Important note regarding Fraser Canyon controls: There are no 24 hour services between Cache Creek and Mission (except off route at Hope). If you pass through Spences Bridge, Boston Barr or Seabird Island outside of business hours you can self control - sign your own card and mark down the time. Bring a pen.

Route Sheet [Excel]
(courtesy of Ron Penner)
Route Sheet- Print [Excel]
I had trouble printing the route sheet. Immediately above is a second version (without the column formulas) that I had no trouble printing.

Bikely Map
(courtesy of Ron Penner)

Control Cards: 6 a.m Start & 8 a.m. Start
(courtesy of Ron Penner)


Some Notes on the revised "Salmon Arm" route from Bob LePage:

On the 600, the secret control was at The Inn at Spences Bridge (250-458-2311). I have contacted them about the 1000km. The owner (Ray) was not in tonight but the person I spoke to assured me that he would be open to riders arriving in the middle of the night. Her comment was “He doesn’t turn business down.”. I also asked if they could make sandwiches for us to pick up when we check in. She thought that could also be arranged. She mentioned that sandwiches are $6.95 each. We should be able to pre-order them when we book a room. They have 12 rooms ranging in price from $68 (single bed, shared bathroom) to $120 (bathroom in room). There is also other accommodation available at Spences Bridge.

If you are staying at the Inn at Spences Bridge, you should pre-book. The owner, Ray, has confirmed that he will let us in in the middle of the night and we can pre-order sandwiches (large or small). They also have a make yourself breakfast which will be available after 2 am. Breakfast is included in the price of the room and includes homemade bread, muffins, and yogurt.

Last weekend the Lytton Pines also stayed open during the night for cyclists and Manfred’s group made arrangements to arrive late at the Canyon Alpine. So a number of possibilities for sleeping.

In Cache Creek, the Husky Restaurant is open until 11pm. A & W is open all night. Some gas stations will probably be open and sell sandwiches.

Also, from Tracy Barill:

The ‘Kamloops’ control is pretty close to Monte Creek about 20-25k past Kamloops. If you are thinking overnight rest, Chase is about 40k past the ‘Kamloops’ control – about 415k with a few affordable motels. The Chase Country Inn has a restaurant attached (word has it that sandwiches and the like could be arranged to be waiting for you on your arrival).