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BC Randonneurs Cycling Club

Gold Rush Trail 1000

Route designed by Michel Richard
Organized by Eric Fergusson & Michel for the June 2008
Completed in 2008 by Eric Fergusson, Ryan Kurz, Nigel Press and Michel Richard


Route overview:

0 Vancouver Broadway & Gr. - 151 Hope Cheveron - 324 Lilloet Store - 506 100 mile house Tim Horton's - 688 Lilloet Store - 846 Dogwood Cafe - 1005 Vancouver Broadway & Gr. - (75 hour limit)

Detailed Route Sheet


Contact: Eric Fergusson 604-733-6657



Lillooet Control. Jones Market on Main Street in Lillooet is open until 11 pm. It's on the first stretch of Main as we enter town, on the left. There was a pub that was open late on the same stretch the last time a route went through town. The pub would have water and a place to control, but maybe not the right sort of food. (The hapless person I talked to in Jones Market yesterday didn't know about the pub.) Lillooet is at 325 km. 16 hours to get there before 11 should be no problem for any of us.

There are very few controls. This is because there might not be places to control in the towns along the route depending time of day/night. But you'll have to have an idea of where you'll be able to get food and water alone the route. The canyon we know. After Lillooet... squat. Nothing is open in Clinton in the middle of the night, so carrying your calories and fluids.