RandoPony BadgePre-Registration is now set up on RandoPony (Thanks Doug). You can either follow the RandoPony Link to the Super Week section of the pre-registration site or jump directly to the pre-registration page for a specific brevet using the links in the menu on the right.

For people not yet familiar with our Pre-Registration system, this is not an online payment site, so no payment is required at this time. Payments are still collected the old-fashioned way – cash or cheque – at the start of the brevet. The purpose of pre-registering is simply to let the organizer know approximately how many riders to expect – and avoid problems like running out of route sheets and control cards.

Although Super Week is being presented as a week-long event, we welcome participants who want to pick-and-choose which brevets they would prefer to ride. The fee is the same as for all BC Randonneur events, $15 per brevet. Membership in the BC Randonneurs Cycling Club is also required: the annual membership fee is $20 and you can take care of that at the start of the brevet, too.