Inspired by “Eau de Hell” Week on Vancouver Island, BC Randonneurs is hosting an event in August 2010 that we are calling “Super Week”. Like “Eau de Hell” Week, this event includes 200km, 300km, 400km, and 600km brevets… but since this will be held late in the season when participants fitness levels have improved, we are also including a 1000km brevet to finish the week.

There will be a special pin awarded for participation in Super Week. The criteria for receiving a Super Week pin is to successfully complete a minimum of 3 of the Super Week brevets with a distance totaling at least 1500km – so if, for example, you finish the 200km, 300km and 1000km brevets (both weekends) you will be awarded a Super Week pin.

There will also be special recognition for participants who successfully complete all 5 Super Week brevets… more information on this later.

In order to run this event smoothly, we are going to need a few volunteers. If you are riding any of the brevets, please encourage family members to show their support for you by volunteering. If you are not riding and wish to be involved, please check the list of Volunteer Assignments and then contact Alex Pope to reserve your spot on the volunteer list.